Whitecross Street Party 23rd & 24th July

Come and check out Travis the Telephone Box and some other Lucy Sparrow treats for sale for the weekend of the street party.

The Whitecross Street Party: Rise of the non-conformists is a two-day street party and four week exhibition featuring some of the world’s most creative pranksters and musical mischief makers.
For two days on the 23rd and 24th July the Street will become a celebration of the arts involving some of the most exciting local and international creatives who will transform the city landscape into a giant outdoor art gallery.

In addition, for six weeks after the street party the street will host the ‘rise of the non-conformists’ exhibition, giving London a free outdoor art gallery summer experience.

The art
Rooftops and walls will become a giant canvas to celebrate the visual arts and allow the ‘third hippest street in Britain’ to blossom into a fiesta of creative expression.  On the street party weekend we will stage live painting demonstrations and visitors will also be able to make art and design t-shirts using stencils, lino prints, and silk screen printing.
Inside the live painting arena you will also find a small shop where the ‘print of the day’ will be released alongside other art offerings.  Collectors eat your heart out!

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