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Bread that is not long

Also known a shortbread. I don’t know why it’s called shortbread, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation but all that is irrelevant because these are made of felt, thread and little beads of sugar. They all have beady eyes … Continue reading

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What’s Your Beef?

A question asked by many vegetarians and meat eaters alike but my wooly beef mince is suitable for all palates. I came across this wool completely by accident at one of Brighton’s local wool stockists and I literally did a … Continue reading

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The Bakerloo Tapestry

Lucy Sparrrow has lovingly embroidered a giant map of the London Underground. It took the 23-year-old 42 days to create the 9sq m tapestry which is made up of 2,400m (2,625 yards) of thread and 142 buttons. ‘One of the … Continue reading

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