The Cornershop 1st-31st August 2014

Dear all, you are warmly invited to the opening night at The Cornershop on 1st August at 6pm. We’re then open everyday thereafter from 10am-7pm until 31st August.



An art show truly worth making a fuzz about, Lucy Sparrow’s Cornershop is the fluffiest, furriest shopping experience imaginable. She’s filled a former derelict store in Bethnal Green with over 4,000 handmade felt versions of familiar grocery items – from fish fingers and cans of SPAM to sanitary towels and newspapers, rocket ice lollies and oven chips to ciggies, veggies, and what is most certainly the softest loo roll ever manufactured.

Every single thing inside the Cornershop – the till, the functioning pricing gun, the contents of freezers, the pick ‘n’ mix stand – is fashioned from fabric, and the whole lot took Lucy seven months to complete.

All her highly huggable versions of everyday essentials are for sale, but will stay in the store for a month, during which time a variety of sewing workshops will take place, designed to engage the local community (particularly individuals with autism and sectors often socially excluded) in relatable, accessible art that’s relevant to them and their neighbourhood and has been brought right to their doorstep. People can sign up to these workshops in the shop and group workshops for charities can be arranged through Lucy.

This exhibition has been supported by the Arts Council, Tower Hamlets Council and Kickstarter. The event is sponsored by Swizzel’s sweets.

Working at the intersection between contemporary craft, her previous works have included ‘Mini Structures’ – a series of supersoft London landmarks created for Time Out magazine – activist creations for Greenpeace, and exhibitions alongside notable street artists such as Banksy. Her creations often discuss issues spanning the politics of consumerism, sidelined social groups and mental wellbeing.

She’s a total softie.


6pm-9pm, Friday 1st August 2014

Sponsored by Swizzels, opening night will feature free sweeties, performances from GuerillaZoo


Every day, including Sundays, 10am-7pm, until Sunday 31st August.

19 Wellington Row, London E2 7BB

17 thoughts on “The Cornershop 1st-31st August 2014

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  10. Reblogged this on StudioDeanna | Fiber & Metals and commented:
    As I embark on my own long-term art installation project, others such as Lucy Sparrow who have reached their goal peak my curiosity.
    8 months in the making, 14 hours a day, 4000 handmade recreated felt items! Watch her interview with Vaiders Arc:

    Love Knitting did a great interview asking deeper questions about what it took for her to bring this project to completion. How she was able to fund it using multiple sources and just how much it has consumed her life for the last 8 months.

    If you are in London this month, or in Brighton come October, stop by The Cornershop!

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