97% Complete

Making felt things is a bit like watching things download. Staring at it won’t make it go any faster and nor will telekinesis. The periodic table is coming to the end of its 4th week of production and the final touches are so close, I can almost taste them. I can’t wait to sew on the last few bits and pieces and see it up on the wall in its specially made perspex frame.

My Postman’s got a rolex…..

When my sister and I were little, my Dad wrote a poem all about dreaming up excuses as to why presents weren’t received from stingy family. I still remember all the lyrics to this day and it inspired me to make this ridiculous piece of jewellery.

My postman’s got a Rolex,

It seems to be quite new,

I’m sure he bought it recently,

With the money sent by you.

I saw him just the other day

And gave him such a look,

As if to say he had,

My brother’s present took.

I know you are a busy man

And time is not your own.

But perhaps you could resend the loot

And return that fact by phone.

She felt like a sack of potatoes..

Was the name “jacket potato” coined because the skin comes off like clothing? If this is so, then why would you undress someone and then eat them, followed by their clothes? Surely any self-respecting monster will just gobble someone up clothes and all with no mention of obsessive compulsive food rituals? Beguiling.

Dirty bombs

One big project finishes and another one starts. The periodic table is one of many things that has always fascinated me so I wanted to do my own version. It got me thinking about what I could put in the squares instead of elements and I eventually settled on one of my other favourite things, weapons! This is the work so far and there’s so much left to do but I think it’s going to end up looking fab.